SCUC Gifted & Talented Referral Form

This form is used to refer your child for G/T testing or gain permission to proceed if your child has been referred by his/her teacher. The following form will also give us more information on the observations you see in your child at home. The G/T program in SCUCISD identifies students with high academic potential, gifts, and talents and provides them challenging academic experiences, rigorous career and college preparation, and acceleration opportunities while nurturing healthy social and emotional development. Referral does not assure placement in G/T services but does assure consideration for services. You can access our G/T program overview by viewing the district G/T website at

General Information

Schertz Cibolo Universal City ISD

Parent/Guardian Permission For Assessment And Participation

Previous GT Screening

Student Observation Inventory

Below are some characteristics you may have observed in the student being referred. Compared to other children of the same age and life experience, rate the student from (1) rarely observed to (4) almost always observed. Please provide examples of how the student exhibits the characteristics listed, or choose Not observed if the characteristic is not often observed. The examples are used as part of the determination process.

  1. Advanced Language Skills: large vocabulary, precise language, extremely descriptive, creates similes/metaphors/ analogies, explains complex concepts.
  2. Analytical Thinking: recognizes complex relationships and patterns, creates meaning from abstract ideas, enjoys problem solving, thinks critically, notices a surprising depth of details, thinks and explains logically.
  3. Meaning Motivated: has a questioning nature, demonstrates in-depth information above age level, can be fixated on areas of interest, uncanny ability to remember, values/demands independence, develops unique solutions to problems, is philosophical.
  4. Perspective: Approaches problems from unusual perspectives, is able to consider multiple aspects of an issue, appreciates aesthetic qualities, creates unique or advanced graphic products and patterns.
  5. Sense of Humor: displays humor above age level, understands adult humor, uses puns and figurative language for humor, uses humor to gain approval, humor may be absurd or unusual.
  6. Sensitivity: Intense concern about humanitarian issues, strong sense of justice, may prefer to be alone, bases friendships on interest rather than age, has high expectations for self and others, may overreact to situations.
  7. Accelerated Learning: learns with limited repetition or practice, reads fluently with advanced understanding, understands and uses advanced ideas and concepts, able to comprehend and apply the use of symbols, makes unexpected or insightful connections between concepts.

Please use this space to provide examples of the observations you have made of the characteristics above.

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